The Lambretta has arrived!

I ordered the Lambretta from AF Rayspeed in Yorkshire 6 weeks ago and now it has arrived. It takes this long as the scooter has to go through a drawn out process to be registered with the DVLA. A DVLA representative even had to take a trip out to view the bike. Rayspeed also thoroughly check the bike over and replace parts to make absolutely sure everything is as it should be. They were bombarded with orders for their GPs after an article in February’s issue of scootering magazine (me included!). So here it is and what a beauty!


I love the sleek lines of Lambrettas and for me the colour is stunning.

The inside is nice and shiny too!



I bet it didn’t have a finish like that when it came out of the factory in 1988!

So at this point here I have to admit, I know nothing about Lambrettas! I know a lot about Vespas but Lambrettas no!

I wasn’t even sure what knobs did what! I had to ask a friend which was the choke and what was the fuel tap! didn’t even know what was off, on and reserve.


Next to the ignition key. There are three ‘on’ positions but I didn’t have a clue what they did. The good people on the Lambretta owners facebook page put me right – on/on with side lights/on with main beam.

So to starting it. Managed to kickstart on the 3rd attempt. The next thing I noticed is that with a Vespa, once the bike has started you whack the choke straight back in. With a Lambretta you keep it out for about a minute. I’m guessing in the summer this will be shorter.

The scooter has a brand new engine so it needs some serious running in. 1st 100 miles is below 30mph, next 200 under 35mph, next 200 under 45, and so on until I have completed 1000 miles. Keeping to this after riding a GTS 300 is going to be so hard.

I spent a good few hours out and about on the scooter and I have to say it is so much fun, even a 30mph! Once warmed up, it was purring like a pussy cat, but it is crying out for some more speed. Must resist! just need to get those 100 miles out of the way in time for rally season, so I can keep up with my mates!


So a bit about me. I’m Daz and have been into scooters for the last 16 years. I’ve owned various Vespas over the years, including PXs and a GTS300, but now I’ve moved over to a big unknown for me, a Lambretta.I currently own a 1968 Vespa 150 super, a 2011 GTS 300 and just taken delivery of a fully restored 1988 Lambretta GP200. The plan now is to sell the GTS and use the proceeds to renovate the 150 super and personalise the GP. I plan to add regular updates to this blog on my discovery of all things Lambretta and the 150 super project.